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Rahat is a digital Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) management system that uses mobile-based blockchain tokens for emergency response and recovery programs for humanitarian agencies for aid distribution. It is based on blockchain technology to distribute cash and commodities through digital tokens to the beneficiaries. It enables the token distribution digitally through mobile phones using One-Time-Password (OTP) which would be verified by the merchants’ mobile app through a blockchain network.

Rahat’s main goal is to make humanitarian aid distribution simple, efficient, and transparent through the use of blockchain-based relief distribution systems in Nepal. When disaster strikes, getting aid to the affected is the priority. With the elimination of physical cash and vouchers in the aid process, Rahat hopes to plug leakages in CVA and make sure that help reaches the intended people on time.

Rahat-Users Role

Agency- Admin of the system

Beneficiary- End-users of the system who will receive the aid

Vendors- Distributor of aids to the beneficiary by accepting the tokens

Banks- Distributor of cash to vendors by accepting the tokens

Rahat Ecosystem

Rahat manages and monitors the flow of transactions in cash distribution projects maintaining end-to-end transparency among various stakeholders i.e. reduces cost (transaction cost, administrative cost, audit cost) and time. This ensures faster fund transfer to the beneficiaries along with the provision of real-time visibility into the flow of funds to the aid agency. Rahat provides relief agencies, government humanitarian agencies to easily set up, deploy, initiate, and monitor relief projects.

Unlike the traditional cash distribution process, Rahat uses blockchain-based tokens which can be transacted digitally through the use of smart mobile phones. Rahat platform includes an online dashboard, an app, a digital wallet, and a text message feature. Aid agencies use their online dashboard to onboard vendors and assign relief funds to registered recipients. The individual must visit the nearest local government office and register themself as a beneficiary by providing their phone number and other personal identity information. Then only after the recipients receive a text message with a relief token in their mobile phones. Now they can go to any nearest participating merchants/shops and spend the virtual tokens as a digital currency within their token limit. They use their digital token to connect with the participating local vendors’ Rahat app and buy items or cash out money. Once the merchant verifies the item they bought, an OTP is sent to their phone. They will complete their transaction by inputting the OTP code into the merchant’s Rahat app on the mobile phone. Once the network verifies the OTP, the token is transferred to the merchant’s wallet. The vendor then uses the Rahat app to withdraw cash from the mobile via a bank transfer to his bank account in exchange for tokenized funds in the partner bank’s wallet. The aid agencies can monitor all transactional information in real-time through their Rahat dashboard.

Figure: Rahat Ecosystem

Rahat Workflows

Rahat Dashboard

Figure: Login Page and Rahat Dashboard

Rumsan Digital Wallet

Before using the Rumsan digital wallet, the aid agency used Metamask to sign blockchain transactions. Rumsan Digital Wallet was created in response to the poor user experience that aid agencies had when using Metamask. Users can secure and store their keys in their own mobile phones using this wallet. Within the Rahat app, the Rumsan wallet makes it simple to remotely sign any transaction.

Rumsan wallet is used by the users of the agency to log in to the Agency app. It is a digital signature base (password-less unique digital signature/identifier) that provides a unique identifier to the aid agency. In order to register as an Agency app User, you must have a Rumsan wallet account. Once the account is created in the Rumsan wallet, you can proceed to the sign-up process.

The sign-up process begins by creating a rumsan wallet account, opening the Agency app, Scanning the QR code of the Agency app using Rumsan Wallet. As you Scan the QR code, you will be asked to fill-up the form. Your registration process will be completed after your agency approves your registration request.

Now, after your registration is all done, you can log in to your agency app. To log in, first, you need to open the Rumsan wallet on your mobile phone, Then open the agency app on your PC. You will be displayed a QR code in the agency app. Now, Scan the QR code of the Agency app from the Rumsan wallet, Confirm the process. You will be logged in to your agency dashboard.

Once you are logged in to your agency dashboard you can now onboard vendors and assign relief funds to registered recipients. Recipients receive a text message with a relief token in their mobile phones or use the assigned QR code cards. They use their digital token to connect with the participating local vendors’ Rahat app and buy items. The vendor then uses the Rahat app to receive cash through bank transfers. By keeping real-time track of the entire process, aid agencies can ensure transparency to all the stakeholders.


If you want to see how the Rahat platform works to conduct an efficient and transparent humanitarian aid distribution process, reach out at https://rahat.esatya.io/#contact

You can also learn more about our pilot projects and case studies here.


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